Time is a game played beautifully by children.” – Heraclitus
Vivosa Apulia Resort respects this time and considers it sacred.
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"Time is a game played beautifully by children" (Heraclitus). Vivosa Apulia Resort respects this time and considers it sacred.

Empowering children, helping them understand that they are not only the protagonists of their own small worlds, but also denizens of the greater power of nature that surrounds them.

Upon arrival, each child receives a small backpack and a recycled cardboard box, brown like the sun-fed earth. This box possesses the strength of nature. It reveals how life is born with a seed that must be planted and cared for, watered and nourished. Observing the surprise of seedlings sprout evokes a powerful emotion.

Ecokidspass is a story within a story, a tale of age-old traditions. It’s the fable of life. It’s an opportunity to provide children with a touch of magic and to explain that the pine grove is a planet of plants, a dream become reality, in which we live like magical, respectful elves. Love for nature is about these gigantic trees, but also about the fragile seedlings that have just sprouted or the vegetables from our garden that they pick, eat and bring to the kitchen.

Children become authentic eco-members of Vivosa Apulia Resort and each child receives a €300 discount voucher. They can photograph the plants they have nurtured, post them on our Ecokidspass FaceBook Page and receive an official Ecokidspass Passport to renew their discount coupon for a subsequent vacation at our resort.

Ecokidspass is the adventure that Vivosa, one of the most beautiful resorts in Puglia, reserves for its young guests to provide them with an enchanted vacation in the marvellous “Litorale di Ugento” Natural Park, set in the heart of Salento.

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